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National News: Protect Cords And Cables And Avoid Dangerous Tripping Hazards #9426
Posted by: ikree8
City: Jacksonville
State: FL
Postal code: 32256
Country: USA
Contact Person: Mario Cruz
Telephone: 800-764-9549
Company: UltraTech International, Inc.
Website URL:
Contact Email:

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News Article:
The Ultra-Sidewinder Cable Protection System™ is an innovative new solution for protecting cables run across a floor. The new design articulates left and right—allowing the system to turn corners and adapt to the layout of the room, while maintaining full protection for the cables and trip protection for pedestrians. The cables can be left in the system and coiled around a three foot diameter for the ultimate in portability, or left in place indefinitely. There is no longer a compromise between safety and flexibility.

• Articulating pieces offer flexible design - curves, corners and s-curves are easily made while maintaining a completely flat profile.
• Modular design makes it easy to reconfigure, repair, and replace targeted segments, even while the cable remains connected.
• Simple "snap in" assembly - no tools or cutting required.
• Assembled system (with cord in place) can be coiled for easy portability and transport.
• Fully customizable length - from 4.5" to an unlimited length.
• Internal channel opening - 3/4"W x 3/8"H (19mm x 9.5mm). Two larger sizes available in 2013!*
• Maximum weight capacity: 2,000 lbs/sq. in.
• Black & yellow color provides additional "safety tape" type visual warning.
• Also available in all black, gray and brown to complement any floor.

Demonstration video can be seen at:

Product information including videos, FAQs, and specifications are available at or contact UltraTech at 800.764.9549.

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