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International News: Unified Communications on virtual servers / Communications solutions by ANDTEK GmbH offer maximum efficiency by means of VMware "vSphere" and Cisco Unified Computing System #8680
Posted by: fuchspresse
City: Hallbergmoos
State: Bavaria
Postal code: 85399
Country: Germany
Contact Person: Roland Russwurm
Telephone: +49 (0) 8 11 95 94 96 0
Company: ANDTEK GmbH
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Contact Email:

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News Article:
Munich/Hallbergmoos, 23 October 2012 - As of now, Unified Communications solutions (UC) of ANDTEK GmbH can now also run with the Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) on virtual servers. This is the result of a cooperation between ANDTEK and the virtualization specialists, VMware, on the one hand, and of ANDTEK's UCS certification by Cisco, on the other. Virtualization enables companies are able to bundle IT resources and thus to execute UC applications in a more flexible manner, use the capacities of the physical server significantly more efficiently and save up to 70 percent of the overall IT costs.

All Unified Communications solutions of ANDTEK GmbH, a Unified Communications (UC) specialist, can now be virtually displayed and operated on the basis of the Unified Computing System (UCS) data center platform by Cisco. This means that companies can use the UC solutions of ANDTEK worldwide and irrespective of their location.

Virtualization is provided by the "vSphere" software of VMware. This software of the market leader in virtualization enables the virtual servers em bedded in the Cisco UCS servers to execute the industry-wide communication solutions of ANDTEK for a wide range of applications (such as call centers, voice recording, computer telephony integration, attendant consoles).

Many thousand businesses are already taking advantage of the opportunity to run their applications on virtual servers, which are at the same time and independently integrated into a single physical server.
This helps companies to save costs, e.g. for hardware, cooling, floor space, energy, and above all, for maintenance. Maintenance of the (physical) IT infrastructure accounts for up to 70 percent of the IT budget. Virtual servers relieve IT administrators of complex, time-consuming management tasks. Virtual solutions offer, in addition to cost saving, benefits such as the higher level of availability and flexibility compared to physical servers, which are often only utilized to a small percentage. Peaks can be balanced optimally, since resources are allocated to the users according to need, thus making it possible to make optimal use of the available capacity.

With the help of the virtualization, the UC solutions ANDTEK can be used entirely independent of the OS, since each operating system is not only installed on the virtual servers but also has access to the required resources at all times. "In this way, it is not only possible to integrate additional communication services quickly and easily, but also to flexibly adapt them at any time to increasing demands," says ANDTEK's CEO Roland Russwurm.

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ANDTEK GmbH, founded in the year 2000, is specialized in intelligent and custom-made unified communications applications and additional benefit services. The solutions developed and implemented by ANDTEK support companies of all areas of business in improving communication processes and open up innovative possibilities to use the IP telephony like for example voice recording, presence services or security applications. Among other things ANDTEK's IP communications solutions are predestined for finance companies, public service, health care, trade, industry and judiciary.

Further Information:

Roland Russwurm
Am Soeldnermoos 17
85399 Hallbergmoos
phone: +49 (0) 8 11 95 94 96 0
fax: +49 (0) 8 11 95 94 676

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Fuchs Pressedienst und Partner, Journalisten PartG
Franz Xaver Fuchs
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