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International News: Matereality releases new app suite for product development and material data management #8641
Posted by: pklinger
City: Ithaca
State: NY
Postal code: 13045
Country: United States
Contact Person: Paul N. Klinger
Telephone: (607) 257-1784
Company: Matereality, LLC
Website URL:
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News Article:
October 18th, 2012: Ithaca, NY - Matereality's 6.0 Release features a redesigned user interface with a new applications suite now compatible with mobile devices. The company continues to drive innovation to allow engineers to find, understand and use traceable material data for new product development. Matereality delighted CAE analysts when it released its acclaimed CAE Modelers in 2010. They have proven to be incredible time savers for engineers, letting them perform the often-complex conversions to create CAE material cards in a predictable manner. With 6.0, a new Material Model Library app lets them catalog and store their material cards alongside their raw material data.

Release 6 encourages companies to transition to material databases that provide core value to their product engineering teams. These are dedicated databases that contain highly relevant measured properties of the actual materials used in their products. "In today's analysis-led design (ALD) environment, where major design decisions are based on the outcomes of CAE, using material data of unknown origins has long term consequences. Over the past 5 years we have seen companies invest in dedicated databases, from our vantage as the source for material data to over 800 manufacturing companies", says Hubert Lobo, who runs both DatapointLabs and Matereality.

The new interface moves away from traditional website navigation with app based software tailored to diverse user types. GridView lets users navigate their personal database, workgroup database or an entire enterprise database. Data administrators use the Manage app. Test engineers and librarians can use the Load Data app to add material data to their database. With Smart MouseOvers, the user can preview pertinent data including properties, analytics and models before diving into a dataset. The iPad-ready DataViewer enhances the user experience for visualization of complex material data with instant graphing of digital data, unit conversions and enhanced Excel connectivity. "We have engineers from over 450 product development teams using our cloud. We are excited to enable faster access to material data and software applications right at log in. This will allow a wide cross-section of users to adopt a common platform that feels like it has been designed specifically for them", says Paul Klinger, Sales Director, Matereality.

The Matereality cloud today contains over 50,000 experimental datasets on over 8,000 materials, comprising one of the largest collections of design properties in the world today. While the content is primarily intended for internal use by corporate design groups, selective sharing is possible to allow collaboration between colleagues or companies cooperating on a development program. A material supplier may, for example, exclusively share its privately held high strain rate tensile properties for crash simulation with an automaker's design team using Matereality. Such 'social' interaction can enable data starved design groups to have access to high-value product-relevant material data while often enabling a sale for the supplier. Free databases are also exposed, creating pathways to connect design teams to additional material data from pedigreed sources.

About Matereality
Matereality, L.L.C., based in the United States, operates private and public cloud material databases for use in product design and manufacturing. Matereality's ready-for-deployment patented technology provides material databases and solutions for different needs, budgets and company sizes: a Personal Database for one user, a WorkGroup for up to twenty users, or a Material Data Server for a large manufacturing enterprise. Each database can collect and store any properties of any materials. All databases are empowered by a suite of web-based software that allows users work to with material data, for trend visualization, CAE modeling and database building. Support services include material data loading and material testing to populate the database with accurate data. The company serves a diverse user base including automotive, appliance, tier-one, material suppliers and processors, electronics, mold makers, medical devices, and consumer product verticals.

For more information, visit, telephone 607-257-1784 or send email to

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