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International News: Interlaken Technologies is Acquired by Water Works Manufacturing, LLC #8011
Posted by: Interlaken Technology
City: Chaska
State: Minnesota
Postal code: 55318
Country: U.S.A.
Contact Person: Dan Prill
Telephone: 1-952-856-4210
Company: Interlaken Technology
Website URL:
Contact Email:

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News Article:
Chaska, Minnesota -- Interlaken Technology of Chaska, Minnesota has been purchased by Water Works Manufacturing, LLC of Cambridge, Minnesota. Interlaken Technologies will be a division of Water Works Manufacturing, LLC and remain at its current location in Chaska, Minnesota.

Interlaken Technology is an engineered solutions provider. Interlaken manufactures production press equipment for hydroforming, elevated temperature forming, hot stamping systems as well as precision testing machines for use in the metal forming, leak testing, impulse testing, burst testing and autofrettage. Interlaken also manufactures static and dynamic precision testing systems for both soil and asphalt. Interlaken systems are computer controlled hydraulic press systems with data acquisition capabilities.

Water Works Manufacturing, LLC core business segments include contract manufacturing and aftermarket ATV accessories. Capabilities include a full range of sheet metal and tube fabrication services such as laser cutting, stamping, tube bending, manual and robotic welding, powder coating, hydroforming, machining, and final package assembly.

Interlaken currently has a number of engineers with cutting edge advanced metal forming experience and backgrounds. It was this abundant resource of expertise that was attractive to Water Works Manufacturing, LLC. With the support of Water Works Manufacturing LLC, Interlaken will now have the financial strength and flexibility to fund future growth plans to our advanced forming customers in the areas of research and development, engineering and design, FEA simulation, prototyping, capital equipment and serial production of parts.

Interlaken Technology is recognized worldwide as a leader in providing advanced metal forming and servo hydraulic controlled equipment with sophisticated controls and monitoring software. It is this experience and knowledge that allows us to provide you with the best possible solutions for your test and production press equipment. Interlaken offers an extensive warranty and solid service and technical support.

Interlaken Technology
Dan Prill

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