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International News: Introducing The Walk Behind Powered OTR Trailer Dolly / Mover #7946
Posted by: Jeff Berg
City: Little Falls
State: MN
Postal code: 56345
Country: United States
Contact Person: Jeff Berg
Telephone: 320-632-2651
Company: DJ Products, Inc.
Website URL:
Contact Email:

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News Article:
DJ Products, Inc., the world's leader in electric powered material handling equipment and powered trailer dollies for use in all types of manufacturing plants, has introduced a new Powered Trailer Dolly for moving all types of large OTR trailers. The new TrailerCaddyHeavyDuty Chain Drive Extreme Powered Trailer Dolly is designed to eliminate the difficult task of using a large bulky diesel semi tractor or yard truck to move empty OTR and lowboy/drop deck trailers in/out of docks & yards both indoors and outdoors. The TrailerCaddyHD Trailer Mover slowly and easily maneuvers large trailers with ease and accuracy in confined areas. The Powered Trailer Dolly can spot and shuffle trailers where/when needed, and save time as anyone can use it, no need to wait for an OTR semi tractor operator anymore.

The TrailerCaddyHD Extreme Powered Trailer Dolly is also capable of pushing and pulling boats, RV's, horse trailers, toy haulers, or equipment trailers as well. It is a valuable multi-purpose trailer mover. The powered dolly works great on 48' & 53' OTR trailers, lowboy trailers and heavy commercial equipment trailers up to 50,000 lbs. This Powered Dolly is the perfect solution for manufacturers, warehouses, distributors, and anyone who has to move heavy trailers short distances either indoors or outdoors. The powered trailer dollies compact size, maneuverability, variable speed and minimal price tag make it a more affordable powered dolly alternative to traditional yard tractors or pick up trucks.

Our Powered Trailer Dolly features a heavy duty 36-volt motor generating an enormous amount of power in the compact powered dolly. The hydraulic actuator powered lift kit lifts tongue weights from 5,000 to 15,000 lbs. making it simple for the Powered Trailer Dolly to lift and maneuver any type trailer. It is available with kingpin, ball hitch, and pintle attachment options.

For more detailed Powered Trailer Dolly information, along with pictures and a video on the solution that solved these applications, please go to our website at: and click on car, truck, and trailer movers. Or call one of our sales engineers at: 800-686-2651.

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