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National News: Possible to Avail Access File Recovery Software via Resellers Also #7061
Posted by: personny
City: Florida
State: Florida
Postal code: 32182
Country: United States
Contact Person: Access Recovery
Telephone: (020) 8144-7193
Company: Access Recovery
Website URL:

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News Article:
Gothenburg, Sweden, May 16, 2012- This release published with the motive to inform users that other than online purchase facility, users can buy software from resellers too in cash. If users need to obtain Access file recovery software for MS Access file recovery process, they can user another gateway to buy software and that is via resellers situated in various parts of the world.

According to Joseph Cain, support department head, "Access users if unable to get online and fetch our Access databa se recovery software, then we have opened another source which users can use-Resellers positioned in different locations globally help users to make best possible use of the application."

The list of resellers in prominent countries includes Target Ware and Silicon Action in Brazil; Beijing Com & Lan System Tech. Co. Ltd., COGITO SOFTWARE CO., LTD. in China; JIMAZ spol. s Czech Republic; Moonsoft Oy in Europe; SMLB, SOFTWORLD, SMLB, Agence Croissy, and WM Services Computer in France; PC-Ware Information Technologies, SOS Software Service GmbH, and SFC GmbH in Germany; SOFTWARE EXPERIENCE S.r.l.; SOS Developers España in Spain; Specialist Computer Centres PLC, Grey Matter Ltd, QBS Software Ltd, and Sabre Computer Services Ltd in UK; PCVITA Software and Micro Distribution in India; RegNow / Digital River, Dallas Texas, and Softchoice Corporation in USA.

The list will increase in the near future so that more and more users come to get solutions from this company. Cost of the software remains same and functionalities would be same because mode of availing tool does not bring any differences in the functionalities of the software.

Susan Kaet, Director of Web Team spoke, "Our Access Recovery software supports to work with most MS® Access versions, helps to repair and restore unlimited MDB and ACCDB files quickly. It supports to recover MS Access file after any of the severe most corruption scenarios."

Lab Director, Allegan, "The prevailing technologies lead to open many new sources like if users do not have debit card, they can buy software in cash and avail unlimited facilities."

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