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National News: ABC Upfronts Rally #6665
Posted by: FUABC-Justice
City: Brooklyn
State: NY
Postal code: 11226
Country: USA
Contact Person: Coleman Bell
Telephone: 305 586 3114
Company: SFU and FUABC
Website URL:

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News Article:
New York - Soap Fans United and Fans United Against ABC are combining forces this year to revisit one of the most successful moments in the history of the Save Our Soaps movement - the ABC/Disney Upfront Rally in New York City. The rally will be held for a second year on May 15, 2012 outside Lincoln Center from 12:00 to 6:00PM to target advertisers arriving at Avery Fisher Hall for ABC's Upfront Presentation.

At last year's rally, fans let ABC/Disney know they had no intention of watching its less expensive replacement shows for the cancelled soaps All My Children (AMC) and One Life to Live (OLTL). Viewers' voices were heard loud and clear by ABC/Disney management when the network cancelled OLTL's replacement show, The Revolution, after only three months on air and decided to keep its one remaining soap, General Hospital, as a valuable lead-in for Katie Couric's new afternoon talk show.

Fans will be rallying to send a strong message to ABC/Disney advertisers that their consumer dollars will be following soap operas, regardless of where they air. Soap operas continue to attract larger audiences than the cheaper talk shows replacing them. Fans and industry insiders are adamant there are other viable production models for these shows based on ratings data and viewer engagement metrics, fans believe resuming production of AMC and OLTL is in the best interest of ABC/Disney, its advertisers and affiliates.

Current articles in Deadline, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, Globe Magazine, Soap Opera Digest, Huffington Post and other mainstream publications question ABC/Disney's decision-making process and demonstrate the impact of fans. Advertisers such as Hoover, who withdrew all advertising from ABC/Disney in April 2011, understand and are reaping the benefits of responding to consumer feedback.

As a result of The Chew and The Revolution's failure to attract viewers in the key demographic, ABC affiliates are forced to provide free, prime-time advertising slots to meet advertisers' contractual guarantees. Finally, according to Marc Berman's website TV Media Insights, ABC/Disney has seen a reduction in its prime-time ratings, presumably as a result of soap fans boycotting its non-soap programming.

Coleman Bell
(305) 586-3114

Shawn T. Brady
PR Director, Soap Fans United
(256) 883-9225

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