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International News: How to deploy Cisco Extension Mobility and Cisco phones - White Paper #6620
Posted by: uplinxsoftware
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State: NSW
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Country: Australia
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Company: Uplinx Software
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News Article:
This white paper analyzes several deployment methods of Cisco Extension Mobility within Enterprise Cisco telephony environments and how to streamline commissioning.

It presents how automatic configuration of auto registered phones and end user sync to Microsoft Active Directory can be used by the Uplinx Auto Provisioning system to provide an automated process with a clear workflow which minimizes operational costs, reduces configuration errors, accelerates service requests and in so doing improves the end user service experience.

Please read on Auto Provisioning System - White Paper.pdf

Auto Provisioning for Cisco Extension Mobility allows for rapid service provisioning and fault free commissioning of every Cisco phone user in the enterprise based on the users detail in Microsoft Active Directory. In conjugation with auto registered, logged out Cisco phones and Cisco Extension Mobility device profiles, the Cisco telephone system will no longer require highly trained experts for daily telephony MACD operations which allows them to concentrate on more advanced tasks.

Extension Mobility Auto Provisioning creates (automatically, or on approval by the site administrator) the following configuration objects based on user information in Microsoft Active Directory:

+ CUCM end user with roles and associated devices and voicemail extension.
+ Device Profile to login with Cisco Extension Mobility
+ Logged out phone: Automatically configures auto registered phones according to model and location. There are no other steps involved other than plugging the phone in on a desk.
+ Automatic, assigned or approved allocation of telephone number out of a site pool. Updating of Active Directory phone extension.
+ Voicemail on Cisco Unity, Cisco Unity Connection or Microsoft Exchange (other 3rd parties server can be supported via a custom plugin)
+ Presence on CUPS and Microsoft Lync

User information changes in Microsoft Active Directory are automatically detected and a workflow or auto provisioning activity for telephony users is then initiated. An email can notify the end user of their setup and how to use their telephony device and can also include attachments for training purposes.

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