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International News: Whitford launches several new technology formats to help get the right information — anytime #5764
Posted by: ltoolan
City: Elverson
State: PA
Postal code: 19520
Country: USA
Contact Person: Lauren Toolan
Telephone: 6102863500
Company: Whitford Corporation
Website URL:

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News Article:
January 2012, Elverson, PA. Whitford, makers of the world's largest, most complete line of fluoropolymer coatings, now offers manufacturers, importers and retailers three new websites. Each is designed to simplify
the efforts of those designing, developing, sourcing and buying housewares products that use nonstick

These sites include:

• Complete redesign of The Product Knowledge Network website

• Creation of a Mobile Housewares Site Guide(accessible from any mobile device at

• Complete redesign of the basic Whitford website (

Free Product Knowledge

Whitford's Product Knowledge Network (PKN), originally launched in 2006, is dedicated to easy-to-read, straightforward product information — everything anyone needs to know about nonstick coated housewares products to be able to develop, buy and source the right product at the right price, and help to avoid common and often costly mistakes.

The new site maintains the same standards as before - no advertisements, no gimmicks, no hidden pop ups — just pure information. The new home page makes it easier to find everything. With information grouped into three simple categories:

Coating Information, Product Knowledge, and Everything Else, searching is faster and easier.

PKN discusses many topics in detail, such as:

• What is a fluoropolymer?
• What is a nonstick coating?
• Application Methods

And now PKN includes information on important product development topics such as:

• Substrates
• Handles and fittings
• Heat sources
• And much more.

Information on the go

The new Mobile Housewares Coating Guide is the most recent tool. Total smartphone sales in 2011 are expected to reach 472 million, rising to 982 million in 2015. With growing use of these devices, Whitford developed this mobile site to make finding the right coating and information easy at any time, anywhere.

Visitors just go to on any mobile device and search for the same information found on the Housewares section of the new website.

Whitford's new home on the Web

And there is the new Whitford website. On the main home page, visitors have two simple options: browse the Housewares or the Industrial Section. Visitors can also find what they are looking for by searching the three main menu items:

• Problems We Solve
• Markets We Serve
• Products We Offer

For those concerned about the different methods of applying coatings, Application Advice is a mouse click away. And there is an extensive library of Whitford literature, on all of its products and services, in all
markets, available for download.

In the Housewares section, Whitford offers the Housewares Coating Guide. Browse for information By Category, By Brand, or By Application.

Visitors can explore the Retail Marketing Program, Product Knowledge Network, Test Methods, Sourcing Recommendations and Regulatory Information li nks. And if someone is starting a new project, Whitford offers the Nonstick Coating Development Checklist, to help get any project going on the right

Whitford has always said it is in the business of solving problems for customers rather than selling coatings. These new digital tools go a long way toward confirming that.

For more information, please contact Whitford at the address below. And visit Whitford at

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