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International News: AvaLAN Wireless Introduces New Outdoor Industrial 4G Cellular Ethernet Gateway, the AvaLAN AW-NetDrop #4783
Posted by: mattnelson1967
City: Madison
State: AL
Postal code: 35758
Country: USA
Contact Person: Matt Nelson
Telephone: 650-384-0000
Company: AvaLAN Wireless Systems, Inc.
Website URL:

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News Article:
This new product from AvaLAN Wireless opens up countless possibilities for connecting to the Internet in remote areas. Users can now connect an Ethernet network to the Internet with any 3G cellular service provider from anywhere in the world.

Huntsville, AL September 20, 2011

AvaLAN Wireless is pleased to present the ground breaking AvaLAN AW-NetDrop, the company's most recent addition to their line of premium wireless technology. This product uses Qualcomm GobiTM 3000 technology, which supports essentially all of the RF bands, standards and protocols in use today. It provides all of the normal functions of an Ethernet router such as firewall, DHCP service, AES encryption, tunneling and port routing.

The AvaLAN AW-NetDrop comes in a rugged, weatherproof diecast aluminum enclosure, making it a practical choice in all climates and regions. The device uses very little energy and is compatible with solar powered systems. The power connection to the AW-NetDrop is via POE (Power Over Ethernet), which allows a single cable connection to the box. It may come equipped with a directional or an omnidirectional antenna. Standard omnidirectional antennas work well in most signal areas, but an optional directional Yagi with 11 dBi of gain may be used to improve reception in fringe locations.

The AvaLAN AW-NetDrop is easy to use and install, requiring minimal user programming. Connecting the device is a simple process of contacting a cellular service provider with the hardware address of the user's Gateway and providing payment. The configuration and testing of the link require hardly any time at all and the device is ready to use.

The AW-NetDrop Gateway works best when it is mounted atop a tall pole, with its antenna pointed towards the appropriate cell tower and is then able to provide a reliable Internet connection in a remote fringe location. It can be used to dependably connect water towers, pumping stations, power substations and cabins in the woods to the Internet via the 3G cellular network. Users can be sure that their connection is secure and stable, without interference or poor reception.

The new AW-NetDrop is now shipping and available with a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $999 USD.

About AvaLAN Wireless:
Since 2004, AvaLAN Wireless has been a leader in the long range industrial wireless radio technology industry. AvaLAN's products offer the ideal combination of data rate, security, interference avoidance, quality-of –service, and ease of use that professional installers demand. They provide a range of quality products, such as wireless bridges, multi-point radios, RF modules, spectrum analyzers, camera housings, antennas and more. Their products use narrow bandwidth and high power to produce the longest range of wireless Ethernet links today. Many times, AvaLAN's innovative technology succeeds when WiFi just doesn't make the cut. Each AvaLAN customer is offered outstanding customer support from the customer support team and their informative website,

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