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International News: Sonobond’s Dual Head SpliceRite™ Ultrasonic Wire Splicer Reliably Welds Bundles Up To 100 Square Millimeters, Including Tinned or Heavily Oxidized Wires #4617
Posted by: marciat
City: West Chester
State: PA
Postal code: 19380
Country: U.S.A.
Contact Person: Melissa Alleman
Telephone: 800-323-1269
Company: Sonobond Ultrasonics, Inc.
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News Article:
Sonobond Ultrasonics' Dual Head SpliceRite™ Ultrasonic Wire Splicer comfortably welds wire bundles with cross-sectional areas of up to 100 square millimeters. This same unit also accommodates tinned or heavily oxidized wires that might otherwise stall the welding process. No other ultrasonic welder can accomplish these functions in a single pulse.

Because of this unit's unique capabilities, manufacturers are finding it especially suitable for applications involving the heavy cables used for cars, trucks, and industrial machinery.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding offers important advantages to manufacturers. It provides solid-state bonds that have excellent conductivity without the need for filler metal materials or for clipping, soldering, crimping, or dipping. The welds are created without producing arcs, sparks, or fumes and without melting wires.

During the welding process, the welder directs high frequency ultrasonic energy via the welding tip to the surface between the me tals to be bonded. The vibratory energy disperses the oxides and surface films, creating a true metallurgical weld. In addition to creating a very reliable bond, the process is environmentally friendly, produces no waste, and consumes minimal energy.

The Dual Head SpliceRite™ Ultrasonic Wire Splicer—like other Sonobond me tal spot welders— are made in the U.S.A. and feature the unique, patented Wedge-Reed bonding system of high vibratory force and low amplitude coupling. Shear mode vibration, parallel to the welding surface, is utilized while the line of force is directly over the parts to be welded. This creates bonds that are precise and dependable, without the bending stress or stalling that is typical with lateral drive systems. In addition, the Wedge-Reed System is the only ultrasonic process with the capability of one-pulse welding of most oxidized and tinned metals without pre-cleaning.

Accommodating Larger Wire Bundles

True to its name, the Dual Head SpliceRite™ Ultrasonic Wire Splicer has two welding heads, one on each side of the weld area. As a result, larger wire bundles—those up to 100 square millimeters—can be spliced in just one quick step. This is true even when wires are tinned or heavily oxidized. The resulting welds have excellent conductivity.

The unit has a 3,500-watt power supply with a microprocessor controller that can store and recall up to 250 jobs. Welds can be controlled by height, by energy, or by time. All Sonobond metal spot welders—including the Dual Head SpliceRite™—feature heat-treated, tool steel taper lock tips. These tips can last for 100,000 welds or more. They are designed for quick tooling changes and fool-proof placement. Sonobond units also have an important advantage in that they require only minimal training, while being easy to operate.

Sonobond's Record of Innovation and Accomplishment

For 50 years, Sonobond Ultrasonics has been a respected, worldwide leader in the application of ultrasonic welding and bonding technology. In 1960, Sonobond—then known as Aeroprojects—received the first patent ever awarded for ultrasonic me tal welding. During the intervening years, Sonobond has earned an outstanding reputation for its pioneering work and quality-engineered products.

Sonobond currently manufactures a complete line of ultrasonic bonding and welding equipment for a wide variety of customers in the electrical, automotive, appliance, HVAC, aerospace, filtration, medical, and apparel industries. And Sonobond is committed to providing excellent service. Customers know they can confidently rely on Sonobond for superior technical and administrative support before, during, and after installation.

Additional Information

To learn more about Sonobond products as well as for information about its free, no-obligation Ultrasonic Welding Viability Test—email Vice President Melissa Alleman at, visit the company's website at or call toll free 1-800-323-1269.

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