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Posted by: CorporateCommunications
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Contact Person: Christopher Barrass
Telephone: +44 (0)7860 225382
Company: Sustainable Marine Technologies
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Industry invited to join major initiative to help enable Tidal Energy to become a commercial reality

The first ever ‘How to Build a Tidal Array in a Day' seminar will be held on Tuesday 25th October during the RenewableUK 2011 conference and exhibition in Manchester.

And industry delegates are being invited to participate in this unique interactive event to contribute towards making Tidal Energy a commercial reality and meet renewable energy targets.

The one day seminar, a major initiative by RenewableUK together with five leading Marine Energy stakeholders, will examine the key end-to-end challenges required to deploy a 100MegaWatt(MW) array of tidal energy devices - and the solutions needed to ensure its success.

These challenges include: Site Assessment, Design, Planning and Deployment – the major concerns for all organisations looking to build tidal arrays to meet the UK Government's target of commissioning nearly 2GigaWatts(GW) of installed wave and tidal energy capacity by 2020.

The seminar is being hosted by RenewableUK with leading marine energy stakeholders Sustainable Marine Technologies (SMT), IT Power, MacArtney, SMD and Aquatera, who have come together in an unique collaboration which recognises the importance of developing a holistic systems approach to delivering tidal array projects.

David Krohn, Wave and Tidal Development Manager at RenewableUK, says: "The next 8 years present significant technical challenges for the deployment of tidal energy projects.
"This interactive seminar will help find solutions to deliver the tidal arrays required to meet the Government's targets, and enable Tidal Energy to reach its full potential in contributing to the essential shift from diminishing and polluting fossil fuels to renewable energies."

The event is free and open to all attending RenewableUK 2011, however, spaces are limited so interested parties should pre-register to ensure they guarantee their places. More information and registration details can be found at .

Registration for RenewableUK 2011 can be made at

For more media information and to arrange for you or a journalist to attend the seminar please contact:
Abbie Badcock, Marketing & Business Development Manager, IT Power Group - European Division. Tel: +44 (0)20 3397 0336 Mob: +44 (0)77 8971 3562 Email:
Christopher Barrass, Corporate Communications, Sustainable Marine Technologies (SMT). Tel: +44 (0)78 6022 5382

- The UK's Marine Energy sector is set to be worth some £76billion to the UK economy and support more than 68,000 jobs by 2050, according to research by The Carbon Trust
- The UK Government's Renewable Energy Strategy suggests that more than 30% of our electricity could come from renewable sources by 2020
- The UK Government has set a target of just under 2GW of this to come from wave and tidal energy
- Leading tidal energy convertor designers are currently looking to develop small scale tidal arrays of 4-6 turbine generators for technology development, evaluation and demonstration. Once proven these will be used to scale up to the larger tidal arrays (with capacities of up to 100MW) needed to meet the UK Government's 2020 target.
- The ‘Tidal Array in a Day' seminar has been organised by RenewableUK with Sustainable Marine Technologies (SMT) , IT Power , MacArtney , SMD and Aquatera in an unique collaboration.
- It will be open to all attendees of the RenewableUK 2011 Conference and Exhibition on Tuesday 25th October 2011 at the Manchester Central Convention Complex.
- For more details about the seminar please visit:

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