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National News: Machined in America Contest Seeks To Rally and Promote Hometown Industries Nationwide #4342
Posted by: pamelatap
State: CA
Postal code: 95338
Country: usa
Contact Person: Pamela
Telephone: Gurr
Website URL:

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News Article:
The contest is a promotional effort organized for machinist, machine shops and manufacturing companies to promote hometown pride and work in America and better commerce between us here at home.

"Together with the help of contest sponsors and Panel of Judges we are hopeful that this will be a fun and interactive way to share your American-made business and products as others scroll through the entries looking to cast their vote," said Pamela Gurr, GM-Business Development for Tap Associates, Inc. (contest moderator and site administrator).

An official contest web site has been established with interactive community features to help find twelve stand-out examples of "Machined in America" at .

The contest site (by 1027 Design) provides a simple and easy format (© Binkd Promotion Platform) to submit your photo and description. Twelve finalists will be chosen from all qualified submissions. An independent panel of judges will select the Grand Prize Winner from the twelve (12) finalists. Additionally, online voter results at the end of the contest will determine 2nd and 3rd place winners. Contest guidelines, cash and prizes are detailed on the contest site.

Companies who want to be involved without entering the contest can offer a donation of their American-made product or service to the prize pool. There is no set value and donors will be promoted on the contest site.

The contest was originally conceived by Tap Associates, Inc., using the Machined in America slogan created for their line of self-locking tap extension. "We are proactive business owners who are serious about promoting American manufacturing and prompting entrepreneurs and companies to make that next American-made product within their own communities. The contest site and our other resources will continue to lend support to our hometown industry and manufacturing for as long as it takes," noted Ms. Gurr.

Pete Beatty, CEO Media Web link and panel judge, points out on his web site that more exposure = more inquires = more work = more revenue = thriving local economies! "That is what the effort behind this contest is all about," said Ms. Gurr.

"We owe a debt of gratitude to many people who pitched in to help transition this effort from beta formation to the national level. And our gratitude continues, as we announce the following top-level industry executives and business owners who accepted our invitation to help form the independent judges panel that will select the Grand Prize Winner from the twelve finalists," concludes Ms. Gurr.

Mr. Pete Beatty, CEO, Media Web link, former Haas Marketing Dir.
Mr. Eric Cram, Director of Sales & Marketing, Lovejoy Tool Company, Inc.
Mr. Paul Gentile, CNCzone, Machinist Forum
Mr. Jason Gerardot, Purchasing Manager, Western Tool & Supply
Mr. Kent Gladish, Marketing and Sales Director, TMA
Mr. Pete Nofel, Machining Business News
Mr. Scott Viessman, A-1 Jet, LLC Waterjet Cutting and Design

Take a closer look and find out how to get involved. Visit the national contest site for more information, enter to win, view, vote or donate a prize.

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