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National News: Inventory System for Food Manufacturers Provides Traceability of Product and Lots #4143
Posted by: reff55
City: Redmond
State: WA
Postal code: 98052
Country: United States
Contact Person: Rob Freeman
Telephone: 8003423999
Company: Dynamic Systems
Website URL:

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News Article:
Redmond, Washington/ Dynamic Systems, Inc., a leader in barcode Tracking Solutions since 1981, has announced the launch of a production management system for small to mid-sized food processors.

CheckMate brings the power of much more expensive ERP systems at a much lower price. The system answers the new requirement for lot traceability through its inventory module, which tracks lots, expiration dates and shipment information.

Complete Inventory System: CheckMate Stockroom is a complete inventory system. It tracks raw materials and finished goods using fast and accurate barcode technology. Receive inventory items by the "case" but issue by the "each". Use multiple units of measure for liquids (quart/ounce), sheets of materials (sq. inches/sq. yards), or track each item individually.

See more at and

Traceability for Variable Product Attributes includes Re-Box Function: The SIMBA module is designed to provide traceability for products that have multiple attributes, such as meat or fruit. It integrates with a scale and touch screen technology to provide compliance barcode labels for cartons of product. SIMBA tracks production information in detail, has the ability to track product locations and provides complete shipping information with the van loading module. Know what van contains your cartons and print a manifest and bill of lading automatically. See production and inventory management at

CheckMate Suite Adds Job Costing: With the integration of Job Data - Job Costing System, CheckMate is able to keep track of labor and inventory against specific jobs. Track the jobs by the task, the workstation, by the employee - it can be configured to match your process. See for more information.

CheckMate Makes the Processor Money: By streamlining the manufacturing process, eliminating costly delays and providing up to the minute information regarding the job in process, CheckMate increases the efficiency of the process and provides information for management. Customer service improves and costs go down. By providing traceability, CheckMate and SIMBA helps the processor comply with both government and customer requirements.

Contact Rob Freeman
VP Business Development
Dynamic Systems, Inc
800-342-3999 X 208

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