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International News: ISC Defines the Names Server Rack, Server Cabinet, Computer Rack, and Computer Cabinet to Avoid Possible Catastrophic Consequences #4
Posted by: iscdfw
City: Mansfield
State: TX
Postal code: 76063
Country: USA
Contact Person: Kevin Hunt
Telephone: 800-458-6255
Company: 817-842-9099
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News Article:
Mansfield TX - October 14, 2010 ISC, Information Support Concepts, Inc. has launched a campaign to define the names server rack, server cabinet, computer rack, and computer cabinet to avoid industry confusion and prevent possible catastrophic consequences for the end user.

According to Kevin Hunt, VP Sales & Marketing, "it is common for someone to ask for a computer rack thinking it is made for hot running blade servers that are also very deep when most computer cabinets are made for cooler running hardware and not near as deep." "The potential problems in this case would be servers that will not fit and even if they could, they would burn up causing tremendous difficulties."

To avoid confusion, ISC is using and recommending the industry follow these definitions:

Server Rack, Server Cabinet: These cabinets and racks are normally used for deep hot running servers that require steady front to rear airflow for proper cooling. Typically these racks and enclosures are deeper than conventional rackmount computer cabinets. It is common for servers to be 29"-42" deep. A server rack is defined as server cabinet without the doors or side panels. Since most blade type servers require airflow from the front and rear exhaust, a server cabinet will have fully vented front and rear doors for proper ventilation. Another common characteristic is they have square hole rack rails rather than tapped or threaded rails.

Computer Cabinet, Computer Rack: A computer cabinet and rack is a more traditional rackmount cabinet designed for hardware that runs cooler and is not as deep as a rackmount server rack. Hardware depth typically ranges from 16"-25" deep. Doors and side panels do not require the same venting requirements and many times are very minimal. A rackmount computer rack is defined as a computer cabinet without the doors and side panels. The rack rail typically has 10/32 tapped holes. Tapped holes are not compatible with most blade server mounting ears or rails.

About Information Support Concepts, Inc.

ISC is an industry leading provider of rackmount products such as server rack, server cabinet, computer rack, computer cabinet options along with, LAN rack furniture, tech benches, wallmount portable rackmount cases, PDU, UPS, rackmount powerstrips, relay rack, KVM selections and many accessory solutions for the network, IT or telecom professional.


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