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International News: SoftDEL launches Aerodel Director – Industrial Wireless Network Management System #364
Posted by: Softdel2010
City: Allen
State: Texas
Postal code: 75013
Country: United States
Contact Person: Chirag Nanavati
Telephone: 8328860006
Company: SoftDEL Systems
Website URL:
News Article:
SoftDEL announces the launch of Aerodel Director™ – the industry's first centralized enterprise-grade multi-vendor multi-protocol industrial wireless network management system. Wireless brings with it, its own set of challenges, which are primarily related to network management and security within a heterogeneous multi-vendor and multi-protocol environment. Wireless is inherently a difficult technology to manage and mass adoption of industrial wireless networks will be limited by the ease of deployment, configurability, maintainability, reliability and security of installations.

Aerodel Director aims to bring the ability for plant network engineers to visualize, monitor, troubleshoot and secure their industrial wireless network.

"Once it is deployed," says SoftDEL chief marketing officer Chirag Nanavati, "Aerodel Director monitors the network 24/7 to detect wireless devices and network activity in the plant airspace. Aerodel Director is the industry's first centralized enterprise-grade, multi-vendor, multi-protocol industrial wireless network management system."

According to Nanavati, users can graphically manage wireless networks by placing devices on a floor plan or an outdoor map on-screen. They can visualize the network topology and interconnectivity between the devices in real time. Aerodel can graphically visualize the health of devices, individual wireless li nks and the network as a whole, so that end users can push on with the large scale deployments they want to do.

Read more about Aerodel Director™ on

To learn more contact: Chirag Nanavati -
+1 832 886 0006

About SoftDEL
SoftDEL is a partner to global product companies to develop and support industrial grade networking and control solutions. For over a decade, we have been leveraging our expertise in electronics, software, and mechanical engineering to help global automation companies design, develop, test, and sustain their product lines.
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