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National News: EMG-SME Safety Gate Production dramatically increased #2849
Posted by: mktgxp
City: Jonesboro
State: Arkansas
Postal code: 72401
Country: USA
Contact Person: Chris Childers
Telephone: 870-931-6712
Company: EMG-SME
Website URL:

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News Article:
Orders for automated detection system designed and manufactured by Jonesboro, Arkansas ba sed EMG-SME increase as safety issues become a concern in industrial facilities.

Following a trend in safety awareness in manufacturing facilities and warehouse/distribution industries, Efficiency Manufacturing Group (EMG)-Specialty Machinery & Equipment (SME) ( a 17 year old manufacturing solutions provider offering one source for high-speed, innovative, automated systems for assembly, from planning to implementation and continuing support, has increased production of an automated detection system that helps to make intersections and forklift aisles safer by helping to regulate traffic at crossing points, reducing the chances of dangerous pedestrian accidents.

According to Chris Childers, President, EMG-SME, "In the first quarter of 2011, we have increased our safety gate production by 70% per month. We design and manufacture this automated detection system because 90 percent of forklifts are eventually involved in an accident, including lethal pedestrian collisions". He added "The automated detection system is activated by a simple press-button. If forklifts are present, the gates stay locked; if the aisle is clear, the system flashes lights and audible alarms before allowing pedestrians to cross".

EMG-SME safety gates are being installed in manufacturing facilities and warehouse/distribution centers across North America. The company is seeing an uptick in orders due to safety concerns in facilities with limited vision intersections and high traffic areas.

Three automated forklift safety gate systems are available: A Manual System which allows the pedestrian to push the gate open for aisle entry; an Auto Gate System which automatically opens the gate on both side of the aisles and closes them automatically once pedestrians clear the aisle; and Boom Arms (available on Auto Gates only), featuring high visibility boom arms installed on either side of the pedestrian aisles which are synchronized with the automated gates.

EMG-SME's automated system easily integrates with existing systems with a variety of options such as battery backup systems; li nks to high speed overhead doors; card reader integration; and RFID identification card readers, allowing magnetic strip cards to be integrated in to the automated detection system. The system can also be configured with guard rails to enforce utilization by pedestrians in a facility in any configuration. When properly utilized, the automated detection forklift safety gates can dramatically reduce or eliminate accidents by reducing the possibility of pedestrian traffic coming into contact with forklift traffic.

The automated forklift safety gate system designed and manufactured by EMG-SME is available exclusively through Cisco-Eagle. More information can be found at the company's website, (

About Cisco-Eagle: Cisco-Eagle is a solutions provider for the movement, storage, retrieval, control and protection of materials and products through their manufacture, distribution, consumption and disposal.

About EMG-SME: EMG-SME is a manufacturing solutions provider. The company delivers fast cycle times, repetitive quality and reliability. EMG-SME's area of expertise spans a wide range of industries. By applying diverse technical knowledge and outstanding resources, EMG-SME offers the total automation solution designed from the ground up or incorporating improvements to an existing system and equipment.

For further information, please contact Chris Childers at 870-931-6712, visit the company's website at or e-mail

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