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International News: New "Y" Series Cord-Lox® Helps Organize Cables #247
Posted by: ddeavenport
City: Chula Vista
State: Ca
Postal code: 91911
Country: USA
Contact Person: David Deavenport
Telephone: 619-662-1355
Company: Toleeto Fasteners Int’l.
Website URL:

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News Article:
Toleeto Fasteners Int'l.
1580 Jayken Way
Chula Vista, CA, USA

Cable Management Straps can be custom printed.

Nov. 2, 2010 - Available in sizes from ¾ x 6 in. to 1.5 x 26 in., Y Series(TM) Cord-Lox® Straps organize random cables into neat bundles while minimizing excess strapping. Y ends overlap each other to hold cable, while long end wraps around entire cable and then back onto itself. Incorporation of hook-and-loop material throughout entire length of straps ensures they stay in place until removed. For promotional purposes, custom company logos can be printed onto different colored background.

No Loose Ends with New "Y" Series(TM) Cord-Lox®

Innovative strap with "company" logo improves cable management, reflecting organized business practices while adding a promotional flair.

Taking a fresh approach toward cleaning up the loose ends commonly associated with strapping to secure cables, Toleeto Fasteners International- a major manufacturer of cabling management straps - announces its new "Y" Series Cord-Lox straps. Befitting its name, the long-legged shape of the "Y" enables the securing of cables, but minus the usual straggling ends associated with other straps. The finished appearance sends a message of "well organized" on behalf of the user. At the same time, the custom imprinting of the user's logo ensures that this message of professionalism gets broadcast to a wide audience.

"This open design is easier to use than typical closed loops, but is just as effective," says Dave Deavenport, president of Toleeto. "The 'Y' ends overlap each other to hold the cable, while the long end wraps around the entire cable and then back onto itself. Unlike anything else, this reduces excess strapping that otherwise would have to be cut off with a pair of shears, so it's a time- and labor-saver, as well."

The novel design of this new strap allows instant application and removal to quickly organize random cables into neat bundles. Incorporation of sturdy hook-and-loop material throughout the entire length of the strap ensures that it stays in place until removed. An availability of sizes ranging from ¾" x 6" up to 1.5" x 26" extends the utility of "Y" Series Cord-Lox from thin wall-wart cables up to 100' audio snakes.

The "Y" cable fastener lends organization to a myriad of applications involving cables - from IT, presentation, telecom, transportation, entertainment and medical in venues such as theaters, data management centers, schools, hotels, civic installations, sports arenas, "remotes," industrial plants, television studios, conference centers, and even the home.

"The availability of this "Y" series should come as welcome news for lighting directors, installers, facility management personnel, network managers, field personnel, grips, 'roadies' and anyone else who values the appearance of their work and wants it to reflect the pride they put into their profession," notes Deavenport.

Toleeto employs three pad-printers and a state-of-the-art heat transfer machine to place a company logo onto a bright background of red, blue, yellow, etc. to help the user gain additional recognition for uncluttered and organized cable management.

"Having our name, logo and telephone number printed on the strapping is an effortless way to support our name recognition efforts. I know that it has generated some sales leads in the past and it continues to make good sense," says Scott Simons of the Custom Cable Sales and Assembly department of Performance Audio in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The "Y" Series is but the latest addition to the proven line of Cord-Lox straps produced by Toleeto, which over a period of 25 years has developed a complete line of cable wraps, beginning with its Closed Loop Model. This design simplifies attachment by way of inserting the end of the cord through the opening in the middle, and then pinching it around the cord.

The company's buckle-grommet "Rack-ups" models are specifically created to manage and safely secure electrical, CATV and fiber-optic cables to wall-mounted or freestanding racks. Unlike plastic ties that can pinch and damage delicate cabling, this design makes it easy to adjust, remove or add cords.

Made from strong polypropylene webbing, the "Coil'n'Carry" model competently organizes audio snakes and bundles of cords or hoses up to 9" in diameter. A nylon side-release buckle keeps the strap firmly together, while a comfortable rubber handle promotes portability.

A large inventory of hook & loop, Velcro® One-Wrap® straps, and nylon and polypropylene webbing completes the Cord-Lox series. In addition, Toleeto fabricates custom straps using ultra-sonic welding, die-cutting and industrial sewing machines.

"We focus on developing practical products that prove useful in the real world of handling cables," sums up Davenport. "We're especially proud of being the first to offer this "Y" Series Cord-Lox design to individuals responsible for cable management at any company. The "Y" design's ability to cleanly secure cables without extra dangling pieces of material will speak volumes for the installer as well as the organization he or she represents."

For more information, call 800-CORD-LOX (267-3569); email

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