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International News: Stahlin Enclosures Patented 3R 60mm Polycarbonate Breather Vent Kit Provides Reliable Ventilation And Installation With Just A Turn Of The Wrist’ #20240
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City: Belding
State: Michigan
Postal code: 48809
Country: United States
Contact Person: Nanette Gregory
Telephone: 6167940700
Company: Robroy Enclosures
Website URL:
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News Article:
Belding, Michigan --- Stahlin® Enclosures –- the world's most specified non-me tallic electrical and industrial enclosures --- announces the availability of a patented 60mm polycarbonate Breather Vent Kit that maintains a 3R enclosure rating.

Designed to help maintain component temperatures inside the enclosure within certain design limits, the Stahlin® 60mm breather vent quickly and easily installs with just a turn of the wrist, and provides proven superior indoor and outdoor protection against rain, sleet, snow, dirt and other foreign ob jects, UV degradation, flames, and other environmental elements.

The Stahlin® 60mm breather vent can be installed on polycarbonate, fiberglass, stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum enclosures. This compact, unobtrusive vent can be mounted on sides, front or rear of an enclosure. High impact resistance is assured from a durable polycarbonate construction. This cULus registered product meets UL NEMA Type 1, 2, and 3R ratings for indoor and outdoor use.
No installation tools are required. All installation instructions and hardware are included with Breather Vent Kit. Optional 60MM axial fan mounting holes are available on the locknut.

Stahlin® Enclosures are the world's highest-proven-quality and most specified non-me tallic enclosures available to OEM's of diverse industries through electrical product distributors. For nearly 60 years, since Stahlin® pioneered the first fiberglass enclosures, we have been the leading innovative solutions-provider for users of NEMA 4X fiberglass and polycarbonate enclosures. Stahlin® Enclosures provides the largest standard product range in the industry, and the widest range of customized and factory-modified non-me tallic enclosures available in the industry. Competitive pricing is supported by vertically-integrated Made-In-The-USA manufacturing and speed-of-delivery made possible through thousands of stocking distributors in all 50 states and major cities.

For more information about the 60mm polycarbonate Breather Vent Kit (Patent No. Des. D884,871): 616-794-0700, or visit:

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