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International News: Micronor Introduces 3rd Generation Fiber Optic Incremental Encoders at Sensors Expo 2019 #19037
Posted by: micronorinc
City: Camarillo
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Country: United States
Contact Person: DENNIS HORWITZ
Telephone: 8053896600
Company: Micronor Inc
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News Article:
At Sensors Expo 2019 (June 26-27, 2019, San Jose, CA, USA), Micronor will unveil the MR340 series ZapFREE® Fiber Optic Rotary and Linear Incremental Encoders. The new products offer a comprehensive family of solutions for End User and OEM motion control operations stressed by EMI, RFI, Microwaves, Magnetic Fields, High Voltage, or Explosive Atmospheres. The new optical design reduces Controller size and cost, thereby enabling new applications that could not previously justify a fiber optic solution.

Features and performance specs for the MR340 series Sensors:
• Sensors are 100% passive
• Immune to EMI, RFI, magnetic fields, high voltage, radiation and ground loops
• Non-me tallic models for use in MRI guided imaging and nanomagnetic applications
• Interference-free fiber optic transmission up to 2000 meters (6560 ft)
• Fiber optic encoder li nk uses standard duplex OM1 62.5/125 multimode fiber
• Rotary resolution to 1024ppr, linear resolution to 100µm
• Rotary sensors range from mini Size 11 to Heavy Duty Ø100mm Hollow Shaft
• Special Extended Temperature models available, operating over -60°C to +125°C

Features and performance specs for the MR340 series Controllers
• A/B quadrature output levels are user programmable (5/12/24V)
• Programmable analog output, 10V or 4-20mA
• Absolute encoder position emulation via SSI interface
• Built-in USB, SSI, and RS485/Modbus RTU communication interfaces
• DIN Rail and OEM model available

The MR340 series are being deployed in an ever expanding range of industrial, medical and military applications where high performance, safety and reliability are required:
• MRI-guided surgical robot, teaching phantoms, and fMRI devices
• Oil drilling equipment, including top drive and draw works
• Mining and boring equipment
• Cranes, hoists, conveyors, and other material handling applications operating in hazardous areas
• Monitoring anode position in arc furnaces
• Rolling mills
• Electric railway pantograph and overhead monitoring

For Special Customer and OEM applications, Micronor can provide custom engineering support to meet the form, fit and function of the application.

About Micronor:
Since 2003, Micronor Inc. has been a pioneer of innovative Fiber Optic Kinetic Sensors for both industrial and medical applications. Products include Fiber Optic Position Sensors, Rotary Encoders, Linear Encoders, Signaling, Accelerometers and Temperature Sensors. These sensors are designed for challenging applications where immunity to EMI, RFI, microwaves, high voltage, magnetic fields, radiation and/or explosive atmospheres is required, as well as MRI compatibility or long distance operation. Micronor maintains regional sales, service, engineering, and manufacturing facilities in both California, USA and Regensdorf, Switzerland.

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