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International News: Custom Crimp Dies for FKN C200 Pneumatic Press #18997
Posted by: FKN Systek
City: Millis
State: MA
Postal code: 02054
Country: USA
Contact Person: Werner Christ
Telephone: 508 376 2500
Company: FKN Systek
Website URL:
Contact Email:

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News Article:
A custom 2 position die made to specifications speeds up the production process for this double barrel connector housing. The housing with 2 barrel contacts is placed into the tooling nest, and one AWG 4 wire is placed into each contact. Stepping on the pneumatic foot pedal crimps both wires and contacts at the same time.

Available off the shelf from FKN Systek, the C 200 table top crimp press takes a variety of dies from different manufacturers. The press is air operated using standard factory air (5bar min), with a pressing capacity of up to 1,200 kp. The C200 allows easy and convenient change of tools and set up for different crimp contacts.

In addition to crimping bare and insulated crimp terminals, the C200 can also be used to assemble IDC connectors to ribbon cable, split ribbon cable, cut wire, stamp small components and a variety of other tasks. Tooling for different applications is available.

Priced at $2,650.00 for the basic unit, this tool will do the job of equipment costing thousands more.

For more information see our home page at, call Werner Christ at 508 376 2500 or E Mail

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