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International News: InfinityQS Introduces Workflows and additional enhancements to the Enact Quality Intelligence platform #18992
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Workflows enable operators to consistently and effectively address process and quality-related events, while additional enhancements improve offline analysis and usability of the platform

InfinityQS, the global authority on data-driven enterprise quality, announces new updates to its native-cloud Quality Intelligence platform Enact®. This quarter, InfinityQS introduces a new event-related feature, Workflows, which not only notifies relevant operators of process and quality issues, but also provides presc riptive guides for consistent and effective responses. Other updates include a raw data download function and further enhancements to the usability of the platform.

With Workflows, operators and other plant-floor personnel receive notifications when there is a potentially harmful event within their area of responsibility, such as if there is a data violation showing that a process is out of specification or a timing violation indicating missed or late data collection. An Event Review banner displays a list of open events assigned to each user, so they can quickly determine what needs attention. Users can click on an event to see full details and select from a pre-defined list of actions, or “event codes,” for resolution. Event codes support consistency in the proper handling of events and input of actions. With the addition of user comments, the contextual information captured by Workflows can help to manage or prevent future events.

For managers, Enact Pareto charts related to process events now include a Status option that provides clear visibility into which events are complete or open. These charts can include additional levels, such as process and features. By having users select from standardised event codes, managers can also view Pareto charts ba sed on these codes to analyse and investigate problems across production lines, processes, or products.

Eric Weisbrod, Vice President of Product Management of InfinityQS, said, “Workflows make Enact an even more powerful quality management tool, bringing greater clarity, consistency, and compliance to the manufacturing process. Quality professionals and managers can easily see what is happening on the plant floor—and who needs to take action—at a glance. With event codes, users always follow the same best practices in response to events, thereby improving quality and process performance. There is a sense of accountability with each person's respective role and responsibilities, as well as readily available data on taken actions, ensuring compliance with internal and external requirements.”

Additional updates and enhancements to Enact this quarter include:

• Raw Data Download: Users can now download data displayed in Enact's raw dashboard, extending the use of Enact data for offline analysis or reporting in other tools such as Microsoft Excel.
• Aggregation Schedule Improvements: Enact now aggregates a day's worth of data ba sed on the location of the process—instead of updating all processes at a single time. This update simplifies data analysis for global manufacturers, enabling the data to match the daily work schedule of users.
• French Language Support: Enact is now available in French for manufacturers in French-speaking regions.
• Interface Changes: InfinityQS has made several updates to make Enact more user-friendly, including enhanced 2D plots, higher colour contrast displays for visually impaired users, new “Manufacturing Limits” terminology to minimise operator confusion on non-statistical limits, and more.

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