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National News: SMIRT 2019 R1, by Vero Software, Introduces On-Machine Part Inspection and Enhances Process Planning #18701
Posted by: StaceyW
City: Tuscaloosa
State: AL
Postal code: 35405
Country: United States
Contact Person: Stacey L Wiebe
Telephone: 8002806932
Company: Vero Software
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News Article:
SMIRT 2019 R1, the latest release of Vero Software's powerful viewing and manufacturing solution for the die-mold industry, introduces new on-machine inspection functionality and enhanced templating functionality for added process planning automation.

SMIRT Inspect
SMIRT Inspect is an all new module for 2019 R1 that allows on-machine part inspection for profile/periphery surfaces. SMIRT Inspect utilizes the industry-trusted measurement capabilities of Hexagon's PC-DMIS, along with the NC Gateway for communication with the ma-chine-tool controller. Key features of SMIRT Inspect include:

• Familiar SMIRT user interface
• Automatic creation of inspection touch points ba sed on user settings and profile curvature
• Easy addition and removal of inspection points
• Automatic collision detection as probe path and inspection points are created
• Post-processing simultaneously generates machine tool commands and inspection feature data for PC-DMIS
• Automatic generation of text-ba sed report with inspection results

Improvements to SMIRT DieBuild
Building upon the improvements of SMIRT DieBuild and DbTemplateUtil released in 2017, functionality has been added to allow planners to automatically collect task surfaces ba sed upon the desc ription of the item/s mounted to it. This alleviates the need for design files to contain special feature attributes to differentiate surfaces that may share the same col-or, direction, or machining attribute.

“This new functionality will make using Process Templates more efficient to more of our customers, who may not have specially attributed designs to work with,” says SMIRT Prod-uct Manager Ben Postiff.

SMIRT Brand Manager Miguel Johann says, “The product's process planning, process track-ing and shop-floor execution capabilities make it a unique solution within Hexagon's pro-duction software portfolio. We have exciting plans for the brand and the product, with our customers' needs at the core of them.”

SMIRT is the leading supplier to the world of powerful viewing software designed explicitly for the stamping die industry. In addition to our flagship products, SMIRT DieShop and SMIRT DieNC, we have developed complementary software products to aid in the estima-tion, planning, and scheduling of large die and tool construction projects.

SMIRT DieShop and SMIRT DieNC have been developed specifically for the "Shop Floor" en-vironment. These products provide machinists and other users with powerful, easy to use "Viewing" and "CAM" tools that enhance productivity and increase the bottom line for our customers.

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