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International News: CAS BACnet Wireshark Storm Tool – A FREE Utility for BACnet Testing #18669
Posted by: ChipkinAutomation
City: Vancouver
State: British Columbia
Postal code: V5Z 2W6
Country: Canada
Contact Person: Michael Arslan
Telephone: 8663831657
Company: Chipkin Automation Systems
Website URL:
Contact Email:
News Article:
Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. has developed the CAS BACnet Wireshark Storm Tool to help automation professionals test BACnet server devices for issues that occasionally occur on sites but are hard to replicate in the lab.

Vancouver, BC – The new CAS BACnet Wireshark Storm Tool has been released by Chipkin Automation Systems Inc. on November 1st, 2018. This release provides a valuable support for any BACnet system that uses Wireshark. Automation professionals can download the program for free and without having to register or provide an email address.

Use Cases:
? Testing specific problematic BACnet messages
? Testing denial of service (DOS), flood of BACnet messages
? Testing large sequences of messages from remote sites
? BACnet Pre-BTL testing
? Regression and unit testing

How Does it Work?

The BACnet Wireshark storm tool opens a Wireshark capture log and loops through all the message in the log searching for a pattern. When a packet matches the pattern, the tool will then change the destination IP address of the packet and send it to the new IP address. The packets sent to the test device can be used to simulate the network found on a customer's site while in the lab.

Download here with zero commitment:

About Chipkin Automation Systems Inc:

Established in 2000, Chipkin is a specialist engineering consultancy that provides services for system integration and protocol conversions in the building automation industry.

(866) 383-1657

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