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International News: UltraFlex using induction heating for glass repair #18373
Posted by: ultraflex
City: Ronkonkoma
State: New York
Postal code: 11779
Country: United States
Contact Person: Dobrina Bogdanova
Telephone: 6314676814
Company: UltraFlex Power Technologies
Website URL:
Contact Email:

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News Article:
UltraFlex - a leading provider of innovative digitally-controlled induction heating solutions - has recently demonstrated how cracks and damages on glass-covered susceptors can be easily repaired using induction heating.

The demonstration was done using a compact 5 kW Induction Heating system from UltraFlex UltraHeat SM series and an HS-4 heat station. The UltraHeat SM induction system weighs as little as 28 lb (12.5 kg), but is able to deliver full power of up to 5 kW, at a wide frequency range of 30-200 kHz. Power can be controlled from 10 to 100% in 1% increments.

The material used for this demonstration was a 4”(101.6mm) x 4”(101.6mm) x 12.7” (101.6mm) thick steel plate coated with blue glass. In the pretest, UltraFlex engineers ensured the steel to glass gradient window was not excessive by verifying the rate of heating the steel and the glass using two control thermal couplers.

The targeted temperature for this test was 1600?F (871?C) and it was achieved using power of up to 2.21kW. The glass covering the susceptor melted successfully and any cracks on it were eliminated.

UltraFlex engineers noted that the time to achieve the target temperature would largely depend on the size of the heated steel plate. Also, by increasing the power used, the heating rates could be further improved.

In addition to being quick, this induction-ba sed melting process was carried out in complete safety, without requiring specific environment or setup. It once again proved that UltraFlex induction heating solutions are energy- and time-efficient, and appropriate for lean manufacturing needs.

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