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International News: Alphacam Programs Machine Tools On Several Booths at Swiss Siams Trade Fair #18247
Posted by: Vero Software
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Country: UK
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News Article:
Visitors to the Siams Exhibition in Switzerland were particularly interested in a customised Alphacam module, developed by the software's Swiss reseller, MW Programmation.

‘Automatic Random Numbering' takes Alphacam's built-in ‘Automatic Numbering functionality a step further by allowing automatic engraving on each part with a random number, without needing to create a program for every component.

Michaël Weber, MW Programmation Application Technician, says : “Alphacam and the CNC machine tool remain connected, so the machine's mode sis always detected and recognised, enabling the engraving routine cycle to be sent at the right moment. Alphacam manages this process in the background, ba sed on a list created by the customer.”

A second piece of customisation on show was MW Programmation's ‘EduNC' module, which assists users with different CNC ISO languages, such as FANUC or Heidenhain, directly within Alphacam.

As well as displaying the latest 2018 release of Alphacam on the MW Programmation booth, a number of other booths featured the software in action.

“Visitors had the chance to see CNC machine tools programmed with Alphacam, producing components. One was the new 5-axis Kummer K5, which was machining stainless steel with feed and speed rates of 15,000 mm per minute, at 60,000 revs per minute,” says Michaël Weber.

“And several machine manufacturers visited out booth to discuss present and future developments where Alphacam is directly integrated with the machine, to replace the machine controller interface.”

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