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National News: Particulate Contamination Controlled and Monitored By Range of Ionization #18187
Posted by: simco-ion
City: Alameda
State: CA
Postal code: 94502
Country: USA
Contact Person: Michael Radovan
Telephone: (800) 367-2452
Company: Simco-Ion
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News Article:
Today's manufacturing processes include both automation steps and operator intervention that by their nature introduce particulates to the work area and product. Highly charged plastic parts and packaging materials quickly attract these large and submicron particles to their surfaces – like bees to a honeypot. Deriving from the stringent requirements of semiconductor and electronics industries, Simco-Ion's portfolio of ISO-designed ionizers & digital controllers now provide the only fully integrated solution to the life-science manufacturing process. Delivering uniform ionization throughout a gowning room, a transfer room, and the open areas of a manufacturing cleanroom will help to eliminate the attraction of particles to other surfaces. Mounted onto the ceiling surface or inside a flush mount channel, the ceiling emitters maintain aesthetics without disrupting cleanroom laminar airflow or compromising the integrity of operating in ISO class cleanrooms.

From a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) perspective, the FDA recognize the benefits of eliminating the attraction of particles to work surfaces and the customer's product. Furthermore, improvements in yield, fewer reworks and reduction in capital cost of equipment to clean, quickly recovers the cost of such an investment in ionized room systems.

Simco-Ion an ITW Company, is the world's largest supplier of static control and monitoring solutions have been providing fully integrated installations to manage electrostatic (ESD/ESA) issues in a wide range of industries since 1936. Simco-Ion's comprehensive product line incorporates years of research, engineering, and field experience. You can be sure of receiving maximum performance and reliability.

The goal is to help you control yield through increasing product quality. Offering full auditing capabilities Simco-Ion approaches each situation with a sincere attempt to understand unique customer needs and develop innovative solutions. This approach is extremely successful and has continued to earn high recognition globally throughout the privileged business of OEM and end-user customers.

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