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National News: Automated Packaging Systems Integrates Collaborative Robot to Streamline Tasks for Bag Packaging Automation #17769
Posted by: jgkenyon
City: Streetsboro
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Country: US
Contact Person: Lynne Greenfeather
Telephone: 330-342-2000
Company: Automated Packaging Systems
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News Article:
Automated Packaging Systems, the world leader in high-reliability bagging systems, has partnered with ABB to integrate the Autobag® 500™ bagging system with ABB's YuMi® robot. YuMi is the first truly collaborative, dual-armed robot designed to work side-by-side with humans.

The YuMi can assist with assembling and packaging small parts and kits on the Autobag 500. Using advanced motion control and camera-ba sed parts location, the YuMi can pick and place products into pre-opened bags, which are then automatically sealed and dispensed by the Autobag 500. For full automation, the system's small footprint and easy set-up seamlessly dovetails into the existing packaging line.

YuMi has two magnesium arms that flex on seven axes to mimic human-like movements with spatial efficiency. The robot takes up no more space than a human operator and is extremely precise with 0.02 mm accuracy and speeds of 59 inches per second. This robot includes built-in sensors that instantly halt all motion if the unit bumps a person or other ob ject, which eliminates the need for cages and safety zones. There are no pinch points on the YuMi robot.

The Autobag 500 bagger is an inherently safe, automatic filling and sealing machine capable of cycling at rates up to 100 bags per minute. Processor-controlled servo motors, Ethernet-capable networking and a flexible mechanical design streamline integration.

“We believe there is tremendous potential for human-robot collaboration on the packaging line,” explains Chris Rempe, Global Marketing Director. “The YuMi robot combined with the Autobag 500 offers customers greater productivity, reliability and efficiency for small parts packaging,” he adds.

Genuine Autobag pre-opened bags-on-a-roll are available in a wide range of sizes and st yles that are system-matched for optimum performance. The system and bags are backed by the industry's most comprehensive engineering and field service network.

About Automated Packaging Systems
Automated Packaging Systems has been designing and manufacturing original Autobag®, AirPouch® and SidePouch® systems and products for over 50 years. With more than 30,000 packaging systems in operation and a worldwide service organization, Automated Packaging Systems has the experience and support to deliver the ultimate in customer satisfaction. Automated Packaging Systems offers a complete line of baggers, void-fill and protective packaging systems, stretch sleeve labels, thermal transfer imprinters, counters, scales, and specialty packaging materials. Complete information is available at the company's website.

For additional information on the Autobag 500 bagger, visit

YuMi® is a registered trademark of ABB, Inc.

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