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International News: Aricent launches 5G Software fr ameworks for Network Equipment Manufacturers to Accelerate Product Development #17748
Posted by: RealWire
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Virtualized Architecture Enables NEMS to Launch Multi-Service Products Faster to Capitalize on the $247 billion 5G market opportunity

Santa Clara, California - September 20, 2017 - Aricent, a global design and engineering company, today announced the launch of two 5G-ready software fr ameworks for network equipment manufacturers (NEM) to fast track their next-generation product roadmaps ba sed on an agile, virtualized and scalable architecture capable of delivering multiple services simultaneously. The Aricent 5G fr ameworks-for radio access network (RAN) and core network (CN) nodes-enable NEMs to develop advanced features such as dual and cloud connectivity, virtualization, NB-IoT and reliability for mission-critical services that meet customer needs.

ABI Research predicts that 5G mobile service providers will generate $247 billion in revenues in 2025 making 5G the fastest growing wireless standard to date. The technology is expected to galvanize connectivity for services such as mission critical applications, healthcare, IoT and autonomous vehicles in addition to high-speed data and voice services.

5G services have distinct requirements such as low-latency, seamless connectivity and the need to transmit large quantities of data at ultra-high speeds. The critical challenge for NEMs is how they can architect and package these different technologies to meet these diverse needs.

“5G is both a challenge and an opportunity for NEMs,” said Munish Chhabra, Service Line Leader for Software fr ameworks & Solutions at Aricent. “This technology marks the first time that operators have conducted live trials before the standard has been defined. NEMs have to make the 5G business case. Early interest from U.S. operators such as AT&T, T-Mobile USA and Verizon bodes well for NEMS that have an opportunity to leapfrog competitors. However, they need reliable fr ameworks to develop their products and compete effectively.

“Aricent's approach is to stay ahead in the technology curve and develop innovative software fr ameworks and architecture to help customers deliver multiple sets of services so they can compete effectively,” said Chhabra. “We will continue to invest aggressively in R&D to proactively evolve our LTE RAN and CN fr ameworks as 5G specifications continue to mature.”

Aricent has been a leading provider of LTE/WCDMA RAN and CN software fr ameworks, enabling NEMs to develop differentiated products in an agile manner. The software fr ameworks conform to the latest developments in LTE technology and the 3GPP specifications. Aricent also offers a pre-packaged virtualization infrastructure fr amework (MANO) on the ETSI NFV architecture supporting both OpenStack and VMware to enable customers to rapidly virtualize and deploy network functions and applications.”

Meet Aricent experts at RAN World at Booth #12, where Aricent will showcase RAN separation for cloud ba sed deployment.

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