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International News: Sterlitech Expands Flat Sheet Membrane Selection with Addition of TriSep Products #1738
Posted by: ekostenbauder
City: Kent
State: WA
Postal code: 98032
Country: USA
Contact Person: Mark Spatz
Telephone: 877-544-4420
Company: Sterlitech Corporation
Website URL:

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News Article:
Sterlitech Corporation is proud to announce its partnership with TriSep Corporation, leading producer of a broad range of membrane elements for the water treatment industry. Available immediately, TriSep's flat sheet membranes join Sterlitech's already robust product line, which includes membrane sheets from noted manufacturers GE Osmonics, Koch Membrane Systems, and Toray Membrane Group. All of the flat sheet membranes are offered individually as sheets or conveniently pre cut for use with the HP4750 stainless steel stirred cell, CF042 test cell, and Sepa CF cross flow cell.

The addition of TriSep membranes is significant because one of the fastest growing market segments for Sterlitech's bench scale systems is research and development for desalination and wastewater purification, which TriSep has specialized in for over 20 years. "We have seen a steady increase in customer demand for our bench scale equipment, and correspondingly, a wider demand for a greater variety of flat sheet membranes," explains Sterlitech President Mark Spatz. TriSep flat sheet membranes are available in Reverse Osmosis (RO), Nanofiltration (NF), Ultrafiltration (UF), and Microfiltration (MF). Mr. Spatz went on to say, "The addition of TriSep products illustrates our desire to support the wide-ranging needs of our customers."

Sterlitech's bench scale equipment is used by major universities and large corporations worldwide. Common uses for these items include research on desalination, water reclamation, food and beverage processing, and water purification.

About Sterlitech Corporation:
Sterlitech Corporation provides superior laboratory products, specializing in flat sheet filter membranes and bench scale testing equipment for a variety of industries, including the occupational health and safety, petrochemical, fossil fuels and biotech industries. For precision and accuracy, Sterlitech's membrane disc filters, filter holders, silt density index test kits, and syringe and capsule filters consistently relied upon to assure exceptional results.

For more information about Sterlitech, visit:

About TriSep Corporation:
Trisep Corporation develops, engineers, and manufactures membranes and chemicals for the purification and process industries. TriSep focuses on unmet needs in the marketplace and has the unique ability to customize elements ba sed on customer requirements. The company also manufactures various replacement elements for system retrofits. In addition to manufacturing elements, TriSep mixes powder and liquid cleaners, and antiscalants that are compatible with most membranes.

For more information about TriSep, visit:

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