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International News: Electro-Mech’s SW45023 Exit Door Lamp Switch Approved By Airbus #16571
Posted by: terryt5
City: South El Monte
State: California
Postal code: 91733
Country: United States
Contact Person: Terry Trumbull
Telephone: 6264427180
Company: Electro-Mech Components, Inc.
Website URL:
Contact Email:

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News Article:
SOUTH EL MONTE, Calif., October 25, 2016 -- Electro-Mech's new SW45023 exit lamp door switch has been designed, tested, and approved by Airbus Industries for installation in Airbus A350 aircraft.

The DPST illuminated switch includes several design requirements as specified in the Airbus drawing specification:

* custom PC pins 0.025 square for mating into next higher assembly connector
* push-on/remain-in/push off switch function
* 2.0A resistive load at 28VDC input
* Custom PC pin housing for protection during transit
* Case dimple for alignment with next higher assembly connector

Electro-Mech lens cap SW45028 has also been approved as the accompanying lens cap. Lens cap is designed to accommodate one T-1-¾ (5mm) midget flange ba se lamp or LED. Light bulb logo can be added as an optional configuration.

Electro-Mech products are identical to products previously supplied by European Switches Manufacturing (Elincourt, France) (ESM) (f.k.a. Pendar France). ESM discontinued its manufacturing operations in 2015.

Lightweight, the compact unit weighs less than 15 grams and measures less than ¾" diameter. The SW45023 switch requires approx. 1.40" of space behind the panel and includes PC pins for plug in mating to next higher assembly.

The SW45023 switch is rated at 2.0A resistive at 28 VDC. Other features provided by the SW45023 include Push-On/Remain-In/Push-Off switch mechanism, operating pressure of 32 oz. (+ 8 oz.), plunger travel of approximately 0.19", and a rated switch life of 200,000 minimum cycles.

Electro-Mech Components, Inc. is located 15 miles east of downtown Los Angeles in South El Monte, California and specializes in the design and manufacture of illuminated pushbutton switches, indicator lights, potentiometer-switch assemblies, and multi-switch interlocking assemblies. The company operates its switch manufacturing and shelter manufacturing plants in Tijuana, B.C. Mexico.

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