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International News: Refurbishment service for radar microwave rotating joints #16475
Posted by: RJB Communications
City: Basingstoke
State: Hampshire
Postal code: RG21 7QN
Country: UK
Contact Person: Steve Cranstone
Telephone: +44 1256 355771
Company: li nk Microtek Ltd
Website URL:
Contact Email: sales@li

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News Article:
link Microtek, the manufacturer of RF and microwave components and subsystems, has introduced a new service covering refurbishment of the large, rotating microwave joints that form an essential part of S-band radar systems, which are commonly used in air-traffic control and shipborne applications.

These continuously rotating multi-channel joints typically require refurbishment every three to five years in order to keep their performance within specification. This is especially important for shipborne radars, which are exposed to the hostile marine environment for long periods of time.

Complex in design, the joints normally incorporate a waveguide channel for high-power transmissions, together with multiple coaxial channels for S-band and L-band transmissions. The overall length of the rotating joint depends on the number of channels but is usually in excess of a metre.

The refurbishment process involves complete dismantlement of the rotating joint, replacement of coaxial connectors and contacting parts such as bearings and slip-rings, thorough cleaning of other parts, reassembly, extended testing on a custom-built test rig and repainting of the finished unit.

Although the design of some radar systems dates back many years, li nk Microtek's engineering team has the experience and expertise necessary to carry out the refurbishment of any S-band rotating joint.

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