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International News: Flexible, Compact Rigging Kits Move Loads up to 64,000 lbs. #15050
Posted by: AeroGo
City: Tukwila
State: WA
Postal code: 98188
Country: USA
Contact Person: Barbara Kiliz
Telephone: 001-206-575-3344
Company: AeroGo, Inc.
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News Article:
Compact and flexible, the AeroGo Air Caster Rigging Kit contains everything necessary to move heavy, awkward or delicate loads using compressed air. The Kit is housed in a rugged and lockable storage box. The rigging kit system can be configured to accommodate numerous and varied load requirements in a variety of applications, handling load weights as heavy as 64,000 lbs.

Each Rigging Kit is simple to operate and extremely flexible. It is designed to utilize compressed air through air casters. Air casters offer superior load distribution by distributing the load weight over a much greater surface area than rollers or wheels, eliminating floor surface damage and the need for reinforced floors. Load movement is smooth and omni-directional, making it easy to precisely place heavy loads - even in tight spaces. Rigging Kits can be utilized in any work environment where there is adequate floor surface and compressed air is available.

Rigging kits include all of the components required to rig and move heavy loads in an industrial environment. Each kit includes four Aero-Caster load modules to lift and float heavy loads, a control console to regulate air to the modules and compensate for uneven loads, four 20' color-coded air hoses with quick-disconnect fittings, aluminum tape to temporarily repair minor floor imperfections, an operations manual and a rugged, lockable storage box to ensure system integrity. To view the Rigging Kit in use, visit

Founded in 1967, AeroGo is the world leader in providing standard and customized load moving solutions for highly sensitive and exceptionally heavy loads. Today, more companies around the world use AeroGo air casters than any other air bearing system because of the company's capabilities in solving load moving problems.

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