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National News: Ruwac’s WS2320-HD Industrial Vacuum Is Your Solution to Removing Blast Media #14787
Posted by: Ruwac
City: Holyoke
State: MA
Postal code: 01040
Country: USA
Contact Person: Eric Potorski
Telephone: 800-736-6288
Company: Ruwac
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News Article:
Some fine dusts put up more of a fight than the rest to lift off the ground. As a leading innovator in industrial vacuum solutions, Ruwac USA understands this battle all too well. That's why we've created the WS2320-HD, a heavy duty intermittent duty vacuum that features 11 Hg" of negative vacuum pressure -- the most powerful of its kind in the market – and it doesn't give heavier materials a chance when it comes to cleaning up your work space. Great for working with blast media such as glass bead and steel shot, the WS2320-HD encompasses high power suction, powerful filtration. and an easy foot-actuated dustpan disposal system that will collectively provide you with a dependable and maintenance-free dust removal solution.

Available with an outstanding 300 CFM, the WS2320-HD heavy duty vacuum includes a 240 Volt single phase motor. Its 28 ft2 MicroClean filtration is industry-leading at 99.99% efficient at 0.5 microns, and nearly eliminates the possibility of premature clogging and costly filter changes. All of Ruwac MicroClean filters are backed by a three-year guarantee, with optional HEPA or ULPA filtration available for air purification. The vacuum's modular housing is fully grounded and sealed for dust-free operation, and made from a dent and rust-free compression cast composite housing that is guaranteed for life. With its 9 gallon foot-actuated dustpan, users have limited interaction with its contents and no messy spills to contend with.

Ruwac USA is a leading manufacturer of portable, central and specialty industrial vacuum systems. Made in the USA, Ruwac's industrial vacuums are known for their reliability, innovative design and superb filtration. For more information on Ruwac's product lines, visit You can also contact Ruwac by telephone at (413) 532-4030 or via e-mail,

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