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National News: Third generation Ultra-Fast I-V Bias Generators (UFBG-602/XXX) designed for rapid real-time MRI and others acquisitions using RF Coil for signal sensing #14745
Posted by: vsholding
City: Louisville
State: KY
Postal code: 40258
Country: USA
Contact Person: Vladimir Shvartsman
Telephone: 502-933-8660
Company: Electronic Design & Research
Website URL:
Contact Email:

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News Article:
Electronic Design & Research introduces its third generation Ultra-Fast I-V Bias Generators

Louisville, KY, February 26, 2015: Electronic Design & Research has added one more family of devices to its product line featuring UFBG-602/A/6kV [P/N EDR88111/A/H6] intended for aiding rapid data acquisition of signals generated by excited carbon atoms during advanced MR Imaging recordings. The I-V Biases Generator successfully used by researchers involved in MR Spectroscopy including customers of GEHC and Synaptive.

It belongs to EDR's family of devices designed for applying two or more arbitrary voltages/currents of predefined waveform pulses onto a load.

The UFBG-602/XXX utilizes high-speed SPDT&N and SPST switches and two bias power supplies for delivering bias power in an extremely fast fashion. One, an adjustable voltage source, can be set at any voltage from +500 VDC to +1000 VDC (+Vb); the other is a constant current source that delivers a -5 VDC/200mA (-Vb). The SPDT&N (T4F152A05/5) changes biases in just 150 nS, equally from the +Vb to –Vb and from –Vb to +Vb. A number of SPDT&N switches, rated for various currents/voltages and speeds, are available ready for assembling another "UFBG" that meets your unique requirements. The SPST (D3F152A1/5) switch is for discharging an excess of energy accumulated in an output capacitance that occurred while the +Vb was applied. Fast discharging of the +Vb residual helps shorten a delay of delivering the -Vb onto a load (PIN diode). That allows starting the receiver signal RF coil within several microseconds, thus enabling high-speed data acquisitions. For comparison, that time could be quite long (from 50s to 200s) with "600 and 601" models using external power sources due to lengthy hook up cables. UFBG-602/XXX devices are 100% solid-state with built-in electronic protections that ensure long, trouble and maintenance free operation even if a load fails on multiple occasions.
Multiple attachments are available for all models. The cost of a device highly depends on required options, such as a maximum voltage and current, types of warnings, remote control, disable output for RF amplifier, etc. A volume discount is available.

UFBC-600/XXX/5/3kV costs $5,046. It's rated at 3 kV isolation and required external bias power sources.
UFBC-601/XXX/5/6kV costs $8,478.95. It is rated at 6kV isolation and requiring external bias power sources. (NOTE: UL certified)
UFBG-602/XXX/6kV costs $14,823.50. It is a stand-alone device, rated at 6kV isolation, included all bias power sources. (NOTE: UL certification will be obtained at the end of 2015).

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