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International News: ARM 9009 Becomes The New Standard For Firearms and Armoring Quality #14242
Posted by: IndustrialPR Staff
City: Manhattan
State: NY
Postal code: 10010-2202
Country: USA
Contact Person: Henry Kroger
Telephone: 206-338-0589
Company: ABAC
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News Article:
Increasing number of firearm manufacturers, subcontractors and licensed dealers becoming ARM 9009:2013 certified

( NEW YORK, NY - The American Board of Accredited Certifications (ABAC™) announced today a nationwide campaign to evaluate all qualified U.S. manufacturers of firearms for ARM 9009 certification ( Earlier this year ARM 9009:2013 became the country's newest standard for firearms and armoring industries. According to an ABAC™ statement, the evaluation process will be implemented by 12 authorized certification bodies (CB's), including Connecticut-based G-PMC Registrars, LLC (

Henry Kroger, spokesman for ABAC™ said only qualified firearms manufacturers with a quality management system in place that meets specific ARM 9009 principles and guidelines can achieve certification. He stated companies must then be approved by ABAC™ Board of Advisers which oversees all certification bodies (registrars) that are authorized to issue ARM 9009 as a duel accreditation with ISO 9001:2008. "By the end of next year if a firearms manufacturer has not achieved ARM 9009 certification, it's more than likely the company either failed the qualification process, or it simply declined to comply to the latest standard in firearms manufacturing." said Kroger.

"The bottom line is if a manufacturer fails or declines to meet the industry's latest standard, gun buyers and dealers should look elsewhere for firearms," said Daryl Guberman, CEO for GUBERMAN-PMC, LLC, a quality consultation firm with offices in Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York at He added, "ARM 9009 may seem like an entirely new certification program, but it's actually an upgrade to ISO 9001:2008, which is implemented by over one million companies and organizations in over 170 countries." He concluded, "ARM 9009 is based on a number of industry-specific and system specific, quality management principles that surpasses ISO 9001, including stronger customer focus, the motivation and implication of management, and a process approach for continual improvement."

About ARM 9009
ARM 9009 system accreditation is essential to help improve the safety, reliability and performance of guns, ammo and firearm parts being manufactured in the United States. ARM 9009:2013 system accreditation is based on highly specialized standards that have been universally accepted by manufacturers of firearms and is critically important for dealers, retailers, military, law enforcement and sportsmen. Applications for ARM 9009 system accreditation are currently being accepted at

Press Contact:
Henry Kroger
ABAC - American Board of Accredited Certifications

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