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International News: Printech Joins TechnologyAdvice as Vendor of Check Printing Software #14200
Posted by: juliam123
City: Miami
State: FL
Postal code: 33178
Country: USA
Contact Person: Printech
Telephone: 3055922838
Company: Printech
Website URL:
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News Article:
Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions LLC has joined the large network of vendors within the TechnologyAdvice community as provider of check printing and electronic payments software. Printech offers proprietary secure payment solution CheckPlusCFO that enables companies to process multiple check and ACH payments securely. Payments can be processed from multiple bank accounts in multiple locations, including remote locations. They can be disbursed in multiple currencies. One installment of CheckPlusCFO check printing solution can manage various companies and subsidiaries, segregating business rules and payment operations. CheckPlusCFO custom check printing

The distinct difference of the Printech product is its customization. We do not sell an off-the-shelf solution. Customers come to us with specific needs in automating payment processing. We can help a company with multiple offices and an international branches that needs to consolidate payment operation and bring payment disbursement under one roof. We can also serve multiple offices that need a manual check printing component, an ACH electronic payment module, full audit log and tracking of activity, auto-sign of the checks using secure protocol, critical event watch, and other important features.

Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions programmers customize secure payment solution CheckPlusCFO to fit each customer's needs. We work with the client's IT department and the actual end-user of the product, which is usually finance or accounting personal, to create the customized product that solves their needs. We have helped clients reduce payment processing time from several days to a few hours, and reduce a full department of payment processors to just one employee responsible for check printing and electronic payment operations. At the same time, the payment processing becomes more secure and reliable.

TechnologyAdvice is focused on educating, advising, and connecting the buyers and sellers of business technology. The company's free services include an online databa se of vendors and products in dozens of technology categories, each with detailed desc riptions aimed at helping potential buyers conduct efficient and accurate research on their best options. A company searching for a specific technology can speak directly to an unbiased expert about features, challenges, and considerations that will directly affect their business. They can also browse on their own to compare multiple options side-by-side and identify the best fit for their needs, or leave insightful reviews to share their experiences and help others. The TechnologyAdvice team also produces a wide variety of informative business technology content on its blog, and is a featured contributor on dozens of respected industry sites. The company conducts research projects to analyze trends and challenges within specific industries, and works with well-known tech events and conferences to stay current and connected in constantly evolving fields.

Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions, headquartered in Miami, Florida, USA, has helped thousands of companies in more than 25 countries migrate their accounts payable and payroll operation from expensive and inefficient pre-printed checks to a much more cost-effective, laser-ba sed check printing and electronic ACH payment solution. CheckPlusCFO check printing software integrates seamlessly with most enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting, and insurance claims systems, including popular offerings from SAP, Oracle, Infor, NetSuite, and more. Printech also provides blank check stock, MICR printers, MICR toners and folder-sealer machines to many industries including government, banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, education sector, manufacturing companies and others.

TechnologyAdvice is headquartered in Nashville, TN. Printech Global Secure Payment Solutions is thrilled to partner with TechnologyAdvice on a mission to bring secure payment solution to new clients and improve the way they do business.

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