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International News: Now Shipping 32 Bit USB Digital IO Module Supporting Multiple Voltage Options #12853
Posted by: jworks
City: Granada Hills
State: CA
Postal code: 91344
Country: USA
Contact Person: Craig Stevens
Telephone: 8183640915
Company: J-Works, Inc
Website URL:
Contact Email:

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News Article:
J-Works. Inc has start shipping the DSB3232 series of USB 2.0 Controlled modules with 32 parallel digital IO. The USB digital IO lines can be configured for input or output at the bit level supporting various logic family voltages. Technicians wire the digital IO module using the on-board screw terminals. With the expanding number of logic level interface voltages, one of the challenges facing connecting devices to the USB bus is matching the required voltage levels. According to Paul Ryan, Applications Support at J-Works, "We have found that many applications for USB digital IO modules require support of IO voltage of 1.8V, 2.5V 3.3V and 5V." Using power from the USB bus the required voltage level for the 32 channel digital IO interface is generated on the module without using external power supplies, reducing both wiring and cost.

When matching a control module up to remote equipment the user needs to consider several factors about the interface. With equipment inputs, the voltage output of the module for the high level must be over the input threshold, and below low level. The maximum input voltage that can be accepted cannot exceeded, for example most 1.8V logic families cannot have a 5V level applied to them, so simply attaching a 5V control module will not work and may even damage the user device. With equipment outputs, the USB digital IO module must recognize the logic levels to detect the correct state, yet maintain noise immunity.

Easy to use software interface includes a windows driver and a DLL or Class Library API. Linux support disk is also available. This small form factor module replaces internal PC based plug-in cards for use in various test, control, monitor and measurement applications.

Complete product specifications available at product web page Available for immediate sale the DSB3232 32 channel USB digital IO module single unit cost is $149.50 (volume discounts available). All of our products are designed in Southern California and manufactured in the USA.

"We are a technology company that is very much customer focused" says Craig Stevens, Marketing Mgr. "Our customer presents us with individual design requirements and our diverse staff makes it our goal to provide them with a standard product that meet their needs, while still providing a product to other customer so everyone can benefit from the MOST cost effective priced module."

About J-Works, Inc:
J-Works, Inc was founded in 1996 developing a line of Industrial Control Products, in 2002 J-Works introduced the first USB based Industrial Control product. Since then the line of USB products has continued to expand. Engineering resources have grown to provide technology designs including relays, digital IO, counters, WDT, encoders, switches, analog measurement, opto-isolation, ADC, DAC and various other control functions.

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