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International News: New Alignment Laser System - Bar Feeder #11315
Posted by: LaserToolsCo
City: Little Rock
State: Arkansas
Postal code: 72206
Country: USA
Contact Person: Nicolas Mayerhoeffer
Telephone: 501-562-0900
Company: Laser Tools Co
Website URL:
Contact Email:

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News Article:
Little Rock, AR (August, 2013) – Laser Tools Co., Inc. introduces a new Bar Feeder Alignment System that features an instantaneous set-up using a self-centering laser tool (95% faster than traditional methods), accommodates bores as small as ¾" diameter, is very compact and portable, is AAA battery operated and significantly increases machine availability by 95%. The laser beam is straight to +/- .010" @10 feet.

The L56SS Bar Feeder Alignment System provides the optimum tool as an investment in a laser alignment that can qualify as preventive maintenance equipment and also decrease setup time. It will reduce maintenance cost, emergency repairs, energy consumption, vibration and unplanned downtime so production is optimized.

The L56SS Bar Feeder Alignment System is chucked within the lathe's spindle so that the laser beam shoots through the spindle and down the carriage of the bar feeder. Two targets are used to register the left and right and up and down positions of the front and back portion of the bar feeder's carriage. Depending upon the style of bar feeder, the up and down height is adjusted manually each time a new diameter of bar stock is loaded into the bar feeder.

About Laser Tools Co. Inc.
Laser Tools Co., Inc. has a unique and unbeatable combination of industry knowledge, experience, and customer service since 1993. We specialize in the manufacture of Laser Levels, Aiming and Positioning Lasers, Mining and Tunneling Alignment Lasers, Marine Lasers, Measurement Lasers, Sheave Alignment Lasers and Custom Laser systems. We are a MSHA specialist. These products are distributed to the industrial, commercial, mining and marine industries.
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